Monday, March 11, 2013

Canned Spam

There are no published comments on this blog because no one has commented. I just read through the spam filter and it is quite full. Annoying, but why bother spamming a blog that apparently has no readers?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hiccups and funding

I have not been posting recently, since most of my posts were just dumps of work from my cybersecurity courses. This semester became a break when I encountered a last minute hiccup for my funding. I regret that I have not been posting because this blog is a way to lay out my thoughts permanently.

Upon selecting to learn more about cybersecurity, I was thinking that the field would be computer science with a focus on dangerous coding. That has not been the experience at all. As is encapsulated in my existing posts, cybersecurity is a much more big-picture field. Personnel management, policy development and compliance, physical security, access control, vulnerability discovery, incident response, intrusion detection, cryptography... the list of topics related to cybersecurity goes on and on. All these topics come up in blogs I read and news I see. Both the articles I read and the thoughts I have from them deserve comment, so I should be writing here.

I don't know if there are any repeat readers here or if the visitors are just stumbling on things related to the classes they take, but I said I started this blog to "dump thoughts and archive work." There has been precious little of me just dumping thoughts, so that will have to change since I'm not currently in a class to need to archive the work.

I almost published this as a big blog of text because I nearly left out the HTML. Have a nice weekend!