Monday, December 3, 2012

Preventing Damage by Preventing Grade System Intrusions: Conclusion

Educational institutes such as colleges and schools have understandable reasons to desire use of electronic grading records. Such systems must be recognized for the dangers they pose as lucrative targets for hackers, crackers, and cheaters. The impact from unauthorized intrusions can be significant for the future of the students, even those whose records are not modified, as shown by Tyler Coyner graduating salutatorian. Coyner’s data manipulation stripped another student of their rightful honor as salutatorian (McMillan, 2011).

Defensive efforts must be made to address but the attack vectors to be utilized by intruders and the motivation driving the attack. Whenever possible, it is best to recognize the situations that may lead to an attack and defuse it in advance.

McMillan. (March 4, 2011). Top Student Charged With Fixing Grades for Cash. PCWorld. Retrieved from:

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