Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blocklisting dynamic paywalls on Google Chrome

Stop me if you have heard this one. When reading Twitter you find an interesting looking article linked. Before you outrage share it you decide to click through and read it.
It starts to load and suddenly you get this screen.

A dynamic paywall. Blast! Either you set up an account or you just outrage share based on the headline. I have a better solution! Type a magic url into the address bar:

This brings up a simple looking settings page. You could toggle off the Allowed switch, but the modern Internet uses JavaScript for a lot of behavior. Your web browsing experience will suffer. Click the ADD button.

This brings up a popup text box "Add a site". Type in the fully qualified domain name: everything between the :// and the first /. is different than

Once you hit ADD then you just go back to the page with the dynamic paywall. Hit REFRESH.

The page will load back up without the dynamic tracking and thus without the dynamic paywall.

This technique not only gets rid of the paywall this month, but forever.

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