Thursday, August 1, 2019

Not One More "Just One More"

Once upon a time I would joke that “all things in moderation, and that includes moderation.” Every joke contains a nugget of truth, and my nugget of truth was that Tuesday was Pizza Night where me and my wife split two large pizzas. Two large pizzas eaten by two people. A few years later I got hooked on Power 90, P90X, and then Insanity which cured everything. Forever. Except it didn’t. All things in moderation, including a fitness lifestyle. Some time on, some time off. Steps forward, then steps back.

This time I’m saying the hell with moderation. Fall 2018 through Spring 2019 was bad for me. Coming into the end of this past school year saw me pushing toward 250 pounds. On my way to a nice event I stopped at Target to buy a new shirt so it would fit and suspenders to wear under a sport jacket that couldn’t close.

Through June I dedicated to a strict diet reset regimen. Over three weeks I cut out all breads and pastas, most sugars, caffeine, and meats. It was just what I needed to get back on track, and I’m staying with it. No moderation this time on these fronts. Bread, pasta, sugar, and caffeine are four things that I can’t handle “just one.” Experiencing these major back slides has taught me that, for me, “just one” turns into “just one more.” I told myself that I was doing okay because I wasn’t back to picking up a roll of Oreos every other time I went past a convenience store, which didn’t stop me from storing up an extra thirty pounds.

Mostly veggies, my shakes, and no bread or pasta. This is how my body works best and it is my nutritional commitment for me. This morning I completed the third workout of a 100 workout set, which is my fitness commitment too. I can do this.