Monday, November 19, 2012

Just Trying to Get Ahead

Secondary and collegiate schools both have had issues with electronic grade book modifications. The above described cheaters are the intruders which target the systems for academic advancement. Grades to be modified can be their own or their rivals, but the end goal is improvement of their relative standing. Additionally, there are instances of relatives who accessed and modified recorded grades to the benefit of the student whose grades were targeted (Lupkin, 2012).

Cheaters motivation to modify, or to have modified, their grades stems from the importance placed on the values and the impact which they have on the participants future. Moore (2006) writes about the weight that high school grade point average (GPA) have on admissions decisions for incoming college freshmen. Thus, but inflating their GPA, cheaters are able to qualify for more desirable post-high school opportunities. Again in 2006, Moore addresses the fact that GPA admission requirements do not always go away in college, but that professional colleges often have GPA standards that must be met to enroll in junior- and senior-level courses.

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