Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vulnerabilities To Be Addressed To Safely Utilize Online Social Networking: Introduction

Online social networking is chock full of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and they are primarily disregarded by the users. For various reasons, users engage in behaviors related to social networking sites in ways that they would not normally perform in the physical realm. Trusting random people while knowing nothing about them. Exposing private data to perfect strangers. Providing intimate details of themselves to the public where the details can be viewed anonymously without the subject even knowing how many times it was viewed. These activities all expose the social networking users to cybersecurity vulnerabilities which pose true risks to them.

This paper will classify each presented vulnerability as a threat to one of the major principles of cybersecurity: confidentiality, integrity, availability. The risks associated with the threats of each vulnerability shall be discussed as well as prevention and mitigation possibilities as encapsulated in policies and procedures. Finally, the impact to customer satisfaction related to the prevention effort is covered.

The full paper in document form.
Vulnerabilities To Be Addressed To Safely Utilize Online Social Networking

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