Sunday, May 1, 2016

Badware is short for Blocked Adware

Last week an article that I collaborated on was published. So far this has been the crowning achievement of my short time with Cisco, a short but amazing time. Malware analysis is my absolute passion and being able to turn software analysis into globally deployed protection in days is the best.

When I was presented with a strange piece of software I knew it would be another excellent chance to tear into the inner workings of a tool. I didn't know yet it would be the basis of an article to a professional Threat Intelligence blog. I really didn't know the splash it would make across digital media.

In no particular order I will list all of the references that I can find to that article (these links are not endorsement, nor disparagement, of the linked article!):

I was most touched by the brief shout out on the blog of Mary Ellen, @icanhaspii. Media is great, but recognition from a practitioner means far more to me than a big pile of media comment.

This being a personal blog nothing contained in this article should be construed as anything except my personal opinions. I do not speak for, nor represent, Cisco.

Updated Links:

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