Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rise of an American Reich

For a full three years I have been warning that Donald J Trump has sounded just like Adolph Hitler. My main research paper in high school had been about the charisma which enabled the rise of the Nazi party. Sources for that research included three different translations of Mein Kampf from the library. [I had to have found my way to a few government lists early]

In the 2016 campaign announcement speech (June 16, 2015), Donald Trump explicitly categorized Mexican immigrants as drug trafficking rapists while allowing that there may be some that are good people. He categorically defined an entire country's immigrants and naturalized American citizens as criminals. He then continued to explain that the problems faced by the United States are coming from Mexico, "all over South and Latin America", and "from the Middle East". This set of racist coded language translates to Hispanics and Muslims, a pair of groups that would be regular targets for his demagoguery over the next three years. That xenophobic demagoguery discourages assuming citizenship and benign intent to people that visually appear Latinx, Arab, or Persian which directly impacts how such American citizens are then excluded from full equality and respect.

In that speech, that very first speech as a candidate for POTUS, I heard echos of Mein Kampf. This should not be suprising to the people of the United States because we were warned back in 1990 that his bedside reading was a book of Hitler's speeches. Since then, since warning that Donald Trump presented eerily similar to the 1925 writings of Adolf Hitler, I have been told repeatedly that the comparison lacks merit. I was told "this comparison is a gross exaggeration when you consider all the facts of the atrocities committed by Hitler" by a very trusted, very educated family member. This rebuke was followed by...

 "Let each person's record speak for itself." 

So let's view the records

(1) Hitler (1925) and Trump (2015) were at the same point: scapegoating and vilifying minority groups: Jews and Immigrants vs Muslims and Hispanics.

(3) Hitler (1935) and Trump (2017) were at the same point: Enacting policies to marginalize and target their scapegoats. Nuremberg Laws vs Muslim Ban/planning family separation

(4) Hitler (1925) and Trump (2018) were at the same point: Priming their audiences for extermination by equating their scapegoats with vermin. Untermensch, vermin, rats vs Animals, infest.

(8) Hitler (1938) and Trump (2018) were at the same point: rounding up and imprisoning their scapegoats. Night of Broken Glass vs Zero Tolerance and ICE workplace raids

Hitler (June 22, 1941) and Trump (June 24, 2018) were at the same point: unleashing their goons to target their scapegoats free from the burdens of proof, courts, or judges.
"with no Judges or Court Cases"

(9) Hitler (1941) enacted a policy of exterminating his scapegoats.

Creator unknown. Based on Gregory H Stanton's 10 stages of genocide.
The record shows a tyrannical despot, familiar with the works and methods of another tyrannical despot, echoing the processes of that historical example. There are two major differences in the tales of the two rulers: speed and war. It took 1925 to 1938 for Hitler to go from public scapegoating to mass incarceration, Donald Trump required less than three years to go from "They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists." to the so-called "Zero-Tolerance Policy for Criminal Illegal Entry". What took Hilter 13 years to achieve, Donald Trump accomplished in less than 3. Hitler also had promises of Lebensraum, or Living Space, to provide for the German people. To accomplish this Hitler required war and territory invasion, but the United States of America already has plenty of open space. There is no need for a parallel of the 1939 invasion of Poland.

Without foreign invasions, there are no grounds for any foreign military to invade the United States. There is no cavalry of Allied powers that would land on the beaches of California or Virginia. While the United States carries out ethnic cleansing to achieve a white ethno-state, nobody is going to come to our aid.

Genocide will begin, not end with Hispanic immigrants. Quite arguably Stage 9 has already begun with the willful neglect and fully predictable deaths in Puerto Rico over the past year. Death was an obvious consequence of the conditions post-Maria, but they were allowed to occur anyway.

Obvious next targets include communities which have already been targeted by the malice of the Trump Administration: Muslims, LGBTQIA, black communities, handicapped, seniors, and the impoverished. Efforts have already begun to damage these communities: Muslim Travel Ban, transgender protection repeal, so-called "Religious Freedom" actions, cessation of police department consent decrees, budgetary attacks on Medicare/Social Security/Medicaid.


  1. Well Mathew, it appears that you are educated, not that wise but educated. You have stated numerous points as FACT but, and that is a Big BUT, most are very disjointed and dis-similar. I guess that myself, and numerous students of history are NAZI followers as we have read Hitler’s Speeches, apparently you haven't as your post demonstrates such, to get a better understanding of history. You have to understand that Hitler assent to power was brought to him by the tremendous National Debt placed on them, not by themselves but mostly by France for WWI war levies. Germany was desperate for a decisive leader to fix the economic mess that they were in. Read history of Germany at the time, oops sorry guess that would make you a NAZI, and you would see inflation rates well over 100% annually and such. Sorry there is a phrase that fits here, "Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to relive them".

    Now let's examine the FACTS you have stated one by one. First you commented on the speech about ILLEGAL Immigration, seems as you over look that minor stipulation of ILLEGAL Immigration, the term ILLEGAL simply in laymen terms means against the law. Basically Trump stated he was going to uphold the law on illegal’s entering this country at a tremendous rate. In Germany Hitler selected undesirables, in his eyes, as they were a DRAIN on the society. The big difference is that they were legal citizens and often upper and middle class families. This then is like comparing apples to footballs. Hitler simply seized their property for assets as time progressed.

    We as a nation have the legal right, confirmed in the World Court to limit immigration, so your point one holds no water.

    Something you left out that should be point 2. Confiscation of firearms. One of the earliest moves by Hitler was to disarm the public. Seems as if Hitler also was a individual who studied history. Seems as if that old statement of "An armed population is referred to as citizens and an unarmed population is referred to as subjects". Now for some strange reason Don Trump is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but that somehow if forgotten as it fails to fit into your story line.

    As for his attacks on specific groups, sorry to say as it is glaringly clear that you are a ultra liberal, are made up statements. Basically if you look at it from a objective standpoint every one of your specific groups these groups are demanding special considerations. Let’s go after a few.

  2. 1. Muslim Travel Ban, right now numerous Muslim predominate countries are in revolution and you can't tell who is who. So in your eyes we are to allow ANYONE into this nation without concern. Isn't that how 9/11 happened when we overlooked glaring flags.
    2. Transgender protection repeal, yes the gender potty regulation. Now if you have children, which I hope not, would you want your little girl to use the same restroom as some guy claiming to be "I feel like a girl today" and therefore be allowed to use the same restroom. Wow that is a open invitation for easy pickings for a pervert.

    3. Religious Freedom actions, sorry to say this is Bravo Serra. A company is afforded the right to provide services under specific guidelines. Sorry if I owned a bake shop, and am Christian, I would not make a gay wedding cake. Now if it was a Muslim bake shop they would most likely be allowed to refuse service. There are other places to get what you want so go there.

    3. Police department consent decrees, simply Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on this one. You could make that fit anything you want it to say, so your point is basically saying that the Sun probably will rise in the east.

    4. Budgetary attacks on Medicare/Social Security/Medicaid, well sorry if you would research it seems as if LBJ under his last year in office placed these departments funds into the "General Fund" to balance the budget, seems as if his playing WAR in Viet Nam was costing more than he thought it would. Since then Congress has "Borrowed" practically all of the funds. Actually everyone thinks China holds the bulk of the national debt, the fact is Social Security alone holds 80% of this debt. Gee when you STEAL all of the funds eventually you go broke. As Maggy Thacher once said "Liberals eventually run out of other people’s money to spend". Well that i what is occurring, and since Trump presently seems to be the only Adult in the Room, he is a business man and not a politician, so he clearly understands that steps must be taken to repair the problem vice kicking the can down the road as there is practically no road left now.

  3. Our biggest problem in this nation is basically the Democrat Party as it presently stands. If you do any review of FACT you will see that they mirror the NAZI party moves vice your dream world look of Don Trump. You guys bowed and Prayed to Berry Obama 5 times a day and as time has progressed EVERY ONE of his agenda building blocks have crumbled to sand. Big Government is not the answer, and this is what Trump is preaching.

    1. I'm "sorry to say" that you are an uneducated dumbass. Had to read your broken logic twice just to understand it because you fail so hard at English.

  4. Matthew, thank you for your analysis. I agree that the rhetoric used so hatefully against any group is alarming and dangerous. I also appreciate the comments people are posting because while I may not 100% agree with them, I think they are worth discussing in a respectful manner. I have a coworker who is a libertarian and has political opinions very different from mine, but we have some very thoughtful discussions. I wish we were all having a good conversation in person. Carefully examining each counterpoint in a comments section is overwhelming! I think because there is so much to say, that an in-person dialogue is preferred, but expressing everything in a comments section is so hard.