Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Notes on Peer Reviewed Firearm Research

This morning I encountered a note on Facebook:
Just remember the same people complaining about those ignoring experts currently are the same ones that preach gun control and have zero education or experience on the matter.
The hypocrisy is real in the current political climate.
This prompted me to think about the situation and wonder: what is considered to be relevant education or experience on the matter.

I recall having a conversation when I was running for Congress in 2014 was with my daughter's doctor. His response: "I am a children's trauma surgeon in Baltimore. You can probably guess how I feel about gun control."

Does the voice of someone who works to save lives of gunshot victims count as valid education or experience when discussing the legal standing of machines entirely designed to kill?

This note did prompt me to look into peer reviewed articles on firearms. I read three this morning:
  • Simonetti JA, Dorsey Holliman B, Holiday R, Brenner LA, Monteith LL (2020) Firearm-related experiences and perceptions among United States male veterans: A qualitative interview study. PLoS ONE 15(3): e0230135.
  • Bailey HM, Zuo Y, Li F, Min J, Vaddiparti K, Prosperi M, et al. (2019) Changes in patterns of mortality rates and years of life lost due to firearms in the United States, 1999 to 2016: A joinpoint analysis. PLoS ONE 14(11): e0225223.
  • Bilukha, O., Briss, P. A., Corso, P. S., Crosby, A., Fullilove, M. T., Hahn, R. A., ... & Tuma, F. (2003). First reports evaluating the effectiveness of stragegies for preventing violence; early childhood home visitation and firearms laws: findings from the Task Force on Community Preventive Services. Retrieved from
And I had three up that I ran out of time to read:

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